Paul Ansell – Artist

Paul was very talented abstract artist who was also very much involved in the local art scene in Teignmouth.

The Land of the Golds – an exhibition at Voyage, of 13 highly skilled artists, but in is also in memory of the late Paul Ansell. Below is a retrospective where you can read more about him and some of his work.

The late Paul Ansell

“Paul died last year after a 6 month illness. Some close friends of his recalled how they had visited him and his beloved wife Yvette, at their new home in Kingsteignton, not long before the end of his life. They said he was sitting in the sun, still craxking jokes and speaking with awe about how much Yvette had achieved. I hope too that he was able to reflect on his 71 years; the many things he achieved and the breadth of lives he touched.

Paul grew up in Guildford and Newhaven and his formative years included good academic achievement at Lewes Grammar School, despite most of his time being spent in the art room and too much of his time AWOL playing cards with his mates.

In adult life Paul taught at South Devon College and worked freelance as a graphic designer. Changes in education, not least the introduction of NVQs, Paul felt ruined teaching and threatened his health and so he resigned. With new freedom, his skill as a designer continued to be embraced and there are many of his logos still in use, not least at Gidleigh Park.

When Paul finally retired, via a spell as a Tesco delivery driver, he found he had time to develop his own art work, which essentially is why you are reading this. Paul was at TAAG artist in Teignmouth, where he was respected both as a practitioner and a person. One member of TAAG said “Paul was always great fun, really enthusiastic and supportive, as well as generous to other artists.”

Abstract Art

Below are some more quotes from what people thought of his artwork.

“His work was impressive; may it long continue to inspire and amaze.”

“Paul had a keen eye. He was an excellent photographer, as well as a brilliant artist.”

“Paul created wonderful, colourful paintings.”

“Thank goodness he went back to his art and got some recognition he deserved for his striking and vibrant paintings.”

Like all the artists knew, Paul had important things in his life. He was utterly devoted to Yvette, with whom he shared walks, laughter, matual support and a profound love that other could not help, but notice. Paul was an inspiration to his daughter, Flick, who always speaks about her Dad with warmth, respect and love. He was known as Grandpaul to his grandchildren!

Worried eggs

Paul will be greatly missed in Teignmouth, but his art work is a fitting tribute to his legacy. May Paul rest in peace and may his art continue to bring life and light to the world.”

You can see for yourself a couple pieces of his work at our latest art exhibition: Land of the Gods